Maintenance & Repair

Most sign work in our area is below 15 ft so we do NOT own a sign boom truck. We will rent boom and lift equipment as needed for signs out of safe reach or scaffold. For big jobs, requiring specialized service, technicians are hired for their talent and expediency in repairing, ballasts, bulbs, flex face signs, pilon signs etc.

LED, We have a good solution for converting Fluorescent lit cabinet signs to an LED system. Need to know bulb length, cabinet size width, height and depth to determine fixtures and power supplies.

Whether you require sign washing, scheduled maintenance, or need unexpected repairs we will schedule a sign contractor with equipment, vehicle or lift to get the job done. They will diagnose any problems quickly and deliver fast, accurate service to get your sign back in working condition.

With a diverse source of providers available with a fleet of sign service vehicles, and the latest tools and technology, we are ready to locate and provide you with top-notch service technicians for that new sign installation, maintenence or repair.